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GDPR EU PrivacyGuard

This Magento Extension module provides your shop with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) towards cookie consent and, other functions related to your shop sections.

Magento Notification

This GDPR Module notifies all automatically detected elements, which are new or not yet assigned. This assignment process should be done AFTER the Initial Setup Steps. Installation and configuration steps are highly recommended to be followed.

Example of message:

Initial Setup Steps

We recommend this steps for initializing the module on a productive system in a proper way.

  • Step-1: Disable the Module (make sure is set to NOT ACTIVE).
  • insert Account Public Key (available on your your order mails or shop account)
  • The Key will be found inside your Shop-Account section > My Extensions > first line

  • Step-2: Insert License Key under clever+zöger > Information and press Save Item
  • This Key will be found inside your Shop-Account section > My Extensions > below the Extension title

  • Step-3: Login into the GDPR-Service Portal with your shop account information
  • Activate your Domain at the Domain Manager
  • Add paths/URI through the Domain Manager (via the Path Manager)


  • Step-4: To check that everything went fine, go back to your online (productive) magento shop than, press the Sync Button under clever+zöger > GDPR EU Privacy Guard > Cookies. You should be able to see all found Cookies. Notice that, during setup (first time scan), it may take up to 30 minutes for the cookie list to be made available.
  • Press the Sync Button under clever+zöger > GDPR EU Privacy Guard > Element Groups

General Settings

To set up GDPR EU PrivacyGuard, go to System → Configuration → CLEVER+ZÖGER GMBH → GDPR EU PrivacyGuard

  • This Subsection allows to enable/disable the Cookie Policy.

  • This Subsection allows to set the Customer Policy options. Customer account deletion can be set to the following values:
  • No (default setting): customers cannot delete their accounts.
  • Yes: customers can delete their account directly from the frontend.
  • Contact Admin: customers can send a request for their account to be deleted. If this option is selected, additional fields for the contact mail address and the mail template are shown.
  • The Additional delete field defines the areas to be deleted for a deletion request.

  • Show consent checkbox in Field one determines the activated consent checkbox pages. We recommend selecting all.
  • Message before the checkbox and Checkbox content The other two fields determine the text before and after the consent checkbox. HTML content can also be entered here.


Cookie consent: Each cookie is assigned to a group which defines the rule-set policy for the consent interface.

You must create a new Cookie Policy Ruleset for each new finished configuration. For example, if two more cookies are added to your page after 6 months, create a new Cookie Policy Ruleset (with a new version) and deactivate the previous Cookie Policy Ruleset.

  • The contents are maintained in the respective static blocks, which are assigned under Title & Description from CMS.



Here you can see the sample filling of our GDPR EU Privacy Guard Extension directly after delivery.

Customer Policy

  • This GDPR Module appends a confirmation checkbox to all magento forms like registration, newsletter, etc.


There are no Elements in “Automatically detected elements” section.

FIXME Some other Extension also overrides the model core/layout.


  • disable or remove the other extension
  • make a local copy of our gdpr model/core_layout file and change the extend to extend from the other extension and add the other module to the gdpr module dependency list

I have NBSSystem_Nitrogento installed

FIXME Need to add the Cache Key Addition


  • add the following code to app/etc/local.xml inside the global block:

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