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Google reCAPTCHA v3

This Magento Extension replaces the default Magento Captcha by the Google reCAPTCHA v3 to improve your Shop Security and protects them for spam bots.

Extension Name: ext.magento.cleverzoeger.captcha

General Settings

To set up Google reCAPTCHA v3, please go to System → Configuration → Customer → Customer Configuration → Google Invisible CAPTCHA

Score for Captcha: reCAPTCHA v3 allows to set a scoring called threshold (1.0 is very likely a good interaction, 0.0 is very likely a bot) for his decisions. By default this value is 0.5, which should work properly. If you recognize still too much spam bots, you can increase this value, but if to many of your customers will be blocked, just reduce it.

Forms: For the selected forms magento could enabled the captcha protection.

Admin Area Captcha

This Extension will not work with magento admin login captcha. Therefore this functionality will be disabled by default.

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