Extension: Blacklist

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This Magento Extension validates Input fields (names, email) for the registration form, contact form and Newsletter Registration. You can define Blacklist patterns, to disallow unwanted registrations (like bot systems)



To set up Blacklist, please go to Stores → Configuration → CLEVER+ZÖGER GMBH → Blacklist


Blacklist Configuration
  • Activate Extension - yes/no

  • blacklisted names - defined names pattern, which are blacklisted, use * for wildcard

  • blacklisted email - defined email pattern, which are blacklisted, use * for wildcard

Filter Example

Blacklisted names (pattern): * www.

Matches (blocked): * "look at www.spamurls …​ by click …​" * "www.spamurls.org is evil"

Not Matching (not blocked) * "visit me under http:/spamurls.de …​"


No frontend output necessary.