Extension: SEO Category Texts

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This Magento extension improves your SEO activities for all online store categories by inserting additional SEO texts on each paging page as well, allowing any number of SEO content combinations.


To set up SEO Category Texts, please go to System → Configuration → CLEVER+ZÖGER GMBH → SEO Category Texts

Backend: General Settings

SEO Category Texts
  • The submenu "SEO Category Texts" redirects you to the overview of all text mappings.

SEO Category Texts Overview
  • Overview of all category to page to content SEO Text mappings

SEO Category Texts Edit
  • Category which should contain the SEO Cateogry Text

  • Page of the selected category which should contain the SEO Category Text

  • Page-Title if you like to have a custome page title for this page

  • Meta Title Custom Meta Title for this single category paging page

  • Meta Description Custom Meta Description for this single category paging page

  • Content this Content can be created by the Page Builder Tools