Extension: CustomerPrice


This Magento extension enables personalised prices for customers. Customised discounts per customer. Maximise your sales and customer satisfaction by offering personalised prices.


To set up Customer Price, please go to System → Configuration → CLEVER+ZÖGER GMBH → Customer Price

Backend: Configuration

Customer Price Configuration

The submenu "Customer Price Configuration" redirects you to the general settings.

customer price backend configuration

  • This Subsection allows to set the Customer Price options.

    • enable to use Customer Price Extension

    • Special Price: You can use Customer Price as Special price

    • Ignore Customer Price: If the product already has a special price, you can set whether the customer price should be displayed or not.

    • Customer Price can be displayed as "Your Price": You can set own frontend prefix for “Your Price”

    • Customer price displayed as “Your price from” for Configurable Products: You can set own frontend prefix for “Your Price”. For configurable products, the most favourable product is displayed with "Your Price" As soon as the customer configures the product, displayed as "Your Price" is removed

REST API Mapping settings

If you use a REST API interface, you can perform the mapping here. Here it is possible to configure remappings if your shop has other identifier fields

customer price backend settings rest api

customer price Rest api mapping settings








List All Prices



Filter Prices



"customerprice": [
"customer_id": "string",
"group_id": "string",
"product_id": "string",
"price": "string",
"type": 0

"customerprice": [
"customer_id": "4",
"group_id": "3",
"product_id": "1",
"price": "24"
"customer_id": "",
"group_id": "3",
"product_id": "1",
"price": "26"

Insert new Prices

Set Customer Price

customer price backend settings price list

Add new Customer Price


  • The Subsection Price List allows to set the Customer Price.

    • You can select or insert:

      • customer ID

      • group ID

      • product ID

      • price

  • Pleas notice: If you set group ID (e.g. Retailer) and Customer ID, the customer must be linked to the correct group. You can also leave Group ID empty and only set Customer ID.

  • After saving, you’ll find the Customer Price in the overview.

customer price backend settings save price

Cache Management

After completing all configurations go To System > Tools > Cache Management

customer price cache management flush magento cache

  • To ensure that the changes are applied, please Flush Magento Cache. You can clear the entire Magento Cache or select the INVALIDATED caches.


customer price frontend unlogged customer normal prices

  • Front view without logging into the customer account. The customer price is not displayed.

Login Customer Account

After the customer has logged into his account, the individual discount prices for the customer appear. Here you can see Customer Price samples.

Product Listing Page:

customer price frontend product isting

Product Detail Page:

customer price frontend product detail

Mini Basket:

customer price frontend mini basket

Shopping Cart:

customer price frontend shopping cart


customer price frontend checkout

Display customer price as your price in Frontend:

“your price” will be displayed at product listing and product detail page.

customer price frontend pdl yourprice

customer price frontend pdp yourprice

Configurable products displayed as your price from:

“your price from” will be displayed at product listing and product detail page.

customer price frontend config product pdl